"proximity" is an online gallery space founded by Tim Zarras in 2019. "proximity" seeks to be an accessible platform and space for artists and designers, independent of a specific location, or scene.

In an abstract sense, proximity began as an optimistic reaction to the ever-changing relationship of three dimensional design with a world now nearly dominated by two-dimensional imagery. If images have become a near primary source for so many, "proximity" aims to explore this new model for sharing art and design.

If you have a computer and any kind of digital file, you can participate.

The name plays on the idea of a place with no physical location, while always being in reach.

We hold eclectic group shows roughly every 3-4 months, changing the space and theme each time.

Past Participants


Andrew Bannar, Noah Beckwith, Dan Brewer, Daniel Castillo, Miles Jaffe, Emilie Jehng, Eunhwa Lenehan, Mei Lenehan, Vito Mattaliano, Ana Mosseri, Sydnie Nislow, Robert O'Connell, Joshua da Silva, Rio Roye, Kalina Winters, and Timo Wuchner.




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Past Shows